There are a few torrent clients for ChromeOS, yes. 4 tools to Torrent on a Chromebook, Chrome OS & Chrome browser Not going to be the same experience. BitTorrent Software for Chromebooks. The number of functional BitTorrent client apps and extensions available for Chrome OS is limited, so if you have past experience downloading torrents on other operating systems you may be disappointed in the lack of options and flexibility. One of the biggest complaints about Google's Chromebooks in their lack of If you're not sure what a torrent file is, try reading MakeUseOf's free Torrent Guide.


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Can you switch to a Chromebook? Read Moreit is an unfortunate truth that if you require specialist software for your job or hobby then a Chromebook would not make an adequate primary machine.

Torrents on chromebook | is it possible?

A particular area where Chromebooks have lagged behind traditional computers is in their lack of a functional and reliable BitTorrent client. BitTorrents used to be vilified as the can you bittorrent on chromebook of illegal music downloads and pirated films, yet they are increasingly being used by reputable companies as an effective and efficient method of distributing software.

For Magnet links, open the settings menu and scroll to the bottom. Once the download is complete, the file will appear in the folder you specified. To stream a video as it downloads, click the Files tab in the bottom half of the app.

Torrents on chromebook | is it possible?

Next to the video file, there will be a link to stream the video in Chrome for supported video formats. Just hit Play once the tab loads. Bitford Javascript-only app runs entirely on your machine Direct downloads to your machine Completely can you bittorrent on chromebook Chrome store rating: In comparison, using the same torrent, JSTorrent reached 10 times that speed.

Starry Hope is a site about technology with a focus on open source software and Linux based operating systems.

How to Download Torrents on Chromebook – Covering Four Available Options!

I try to post helpful information for others as I solve problems in the process of my work and play with computers. However, this one is completely free unlike JSTorrent.

This is problematic as almost all popular torrent sites use magnet links. Get started with Bitford.

Like JSTorrent install the Bitford extension form Chrome web store Since you can use magnet links, you would have to separately launch Bitford window by going to your Chrome apps Now load the torrent file you can you bittorrent on chromebook to download on to Bitford by clicking the Load Torrents button located at the bottom of the of the Bitford window Now your download should automatically start Why use a VPN when Torrenting on Chrome OS?

We cannot stress enough the need to use a VPN.

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Your browsing history is monitored by your internet service providers. You might have noticed advertisements just coincidently popping up related to the last site you visited.

Nobody wants to their private browsing habits being shared with third party companies without their consent.

However, this can take some time. As you are about to see, the process is very simple. This is yet another paid solution that lets you download torrent files to your personal cloud storage.

In comparison to Bitport, it brings numerous advanced features that owners of media streaming services will especially like.

Can I Download Torrents on a Chromebook?

The top-tier plan brings 2TB of cloud storage. You can use it to back up files and sync them between different computers as well. Last but not the least, Put. The company has servers all around the world, so you can count on using the nearest one.


This can you bittorrent on chromebook a very useful thing, especially for downloading large torrent files. How to Use Put. You can stream it right there, or you can download it to your computer in many different file types.

Instead, this is a full-featured Chrome extension that acts as an app for your Chromebook.