CA 1 OF 1935 EBOOK

7, Bunting brass & bronze co.,” Toledo. Bunting phosphor California fruit growers exchange," Los Angeles. July 1, ; A The Magnitude Timiskaming earthquake. Location and Magnitude. Local Date and Time: November 1, at am Eastern time; UT Date and Time: Industrial earthquake hazards in eastern Canada. The National Defense Act of (Commonwealth Act № 1) was passed by the Philippine National Assembly on December 21, The purpose of this act  ‎Reserve Training · ‎Officer Training.

CA 1 OF 1935 EBOOK

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CA 1 OF 1935 EBOOK

Provided, Ca 1 of 1935 the general officer grade may be further subdivided into grades as prescribed by the President: And provided, also, That individuals permanently commissioned in a grade above that of colonel shall be known as General Officers of the Line; those not so commissioned but holding an office in the Army to which the grade of general officer is attached shall be known as General officers of the Staff.

All appointments and promotions shall be made by the President, but the appointments ca 1 of 1935 promotions in the Army from the rank of colonel shall be made with the consent of the Commission on Appointments of the National Assembly.

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Any reserve officer may, in the discretion of the President, be discharged at any time. Transfers in time of war shall be made as prescribed by the Chief of Staff.

While on such duty, officers so detailed shall receive the pay and allowances of commissioned officers of their own grade in the army of the country in which the military school is located: Provided, That such pay is equal to or higher than that received by the officer so detailed.

Provided, That no expense shall be incurred by the Philippine Government in addition to the pay allowance of the officers so detailed, except for the cost of tuition at such technical, professional, and other educational institutions.

Commanders of divisions and larger units of the Reserve Force shall be selected from officers of the Regular Force. To the extent provided for from time to time by appropriations for this specific purpose, the President may order reserve officers to active duty at any time and for any period, but, except in time of a national emergency expressly declared by the National Assembly, no reserve officer shall be employed on active duty for more than six months in each five years without his own consent: Provided, however, That reserve officers who undergo extended tours of active duty voluntarily for any length of time and receive full pay and allowances therefor, shall not, by reason solely of such service, be exempt from duty with ca 1 of 1935 maneuvers or annual active duty training.

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Any reserve officer who fails or refuses to report for such duty, when so ordered, shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. Under the direction of the President of the Philippines, he shall cause to ca 1 of 1935 made, by the Central General staff,28 the necessary plans for recruiting, organizing, supplying, equipping, mobilizing, training and demobilizing the Army in peace and in war and for the use of the military forces for national defense.

CA 1 OF 1935 EBOOK

He shall render annually to the President, for transmission to the National Assembly, a full report upon the condition of the Army of the Philippines including statements as to strength, cost, unexpended balances, requirements, and ca 1 of 1935 on.

It shall be the duty of the Central General Staff31 ca 1 of 1935 prepare plans for the national defense and for the mobilization of the man-power and material resources of the nation in an emergency, to investigate and report upon all matters affecting the efficiency of the Army and its state of preparation for military operations; to perform such inspections of the Army as may be necessary to insure thoroughness and uniformity in training and compliance with regulations; to perform for the infantry, cavalry, artillery and air units and the Off-shore Patrol32 such functions as the Chief of Staff may prescribe; and to render professional aid and assistance of the Chief of Staff.

National Defense Act of 1935

It shall be the duty of the General Staff with troops to render professional aid and assistance to the general officers over them; to act ca 1 of 1935 their agents in harmonizing the plans, duties and operations of the various organizations and services under their jurisdiction, in preparing detailed instructions for the execution of the plans of the commanding generals and in supervising the execution of such instructions.

The Services shall consist of the following: Each ca 1 of 1935 shall consist of a Chief of Service and such assistants as the President may direct.

The head of each service shall be responsible, under the supervision of the Chief of Staff, for the efficient performance of duties herein assigned to his service, and for the execution of all instructions and orders issued him by the Chief of Staff. Provided, That such commissioned technical assistants from other branches or services as may be required shall be detailed to the Quartermaster Service for a period of not to exceed three years.

Provided, That under such regulations as the Chief of Staff may prescribe, officers of the Finance Service, accountable for government moneys, may entrust such moneys to other officers for the purpose of having them make disbursements as their agents, and the agent officer as well as the officer who entrusts the money to him shall be bonded and shall be held pecuniarily responsible to the Government of the Philippines.

It shall be charged with all matters pertaining to the physical examination, health and sanitation of personnel and animals of the army.

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Military Districts The act divided the Commonwealth of the Philippines into ten military districtssimilar to the prewar corps areas within the US. In addition the area is of great commercial importance in that it controls all lines of ca 1 of 1935, by land, sea and wire between in- dustrial and agricultural centers ca 1 of 1935 Canada and the eastern seaboard.

While Montreal has the larger and more commodius harbor and terminal facilities, Quebec, due to its physical location, is the key point of the area. Control of this area by Blue would: Lawrence River ports to Red.

This area comprises several critical points: Control of the Great Lakes waterway is vital to Blue, for the transporta- tion of iron ore, coal and grain and such control will necessitate occupation of a bridgehead covering the narrow boundary waters at and near the Soo Locks and ca 1 of 1935 the Detroit Area.

The Welland Canal would become of importance as a line of communi- cation if Blue seized the peninsula.

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While control of that area is of importance in crippling Crimson industry, it is probably of greater importance in denying the enemy Crimson and Red, a most convenient base for operations against highly industrialized areas in the United States. Winnipeg is the nerve center of the transcontinental railroad system.

Control by Blue will effectively ca 1 of 1935 eastern and western Canada and block transportation on men, grain, coal, meat and oil to the east.