Business Continuity Management Framework Policy. Guideline. Policy developed by: Public Health and Clinical Systems. Approved at Portfolio Executive on: Once printed this document is considered an uncontrolled version. For the official, current version refer to the UC Policy Library. Business Continuity Framework. Companies that respond fastest to ransomware rely on a solid business continuity framework to safeguarded their computer systems and.


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Is it pure luck?

More likely, the companies that responded fastest—or remained impenetrable to the attack—relied on a solid business continuity framework that safeguarded their computer systems and minimized downtime.

What business continuity framework a business continuity framework?


Your business continuity framework is as critical as the physical framework that keeps your office building standing. The materials may be different business continuity framework the building across the street, but they serve the same purpose.

The foundation supports the load of the building. Support beams keep it standing. Roofing and siding protect against rain, snow and wind. Smart engineering ensures that the businesses inside the building can continue running, regardless of the weather business continuity framework outside.

Your continuity structure is not so different.

It is the foundation of your operational continuity, ensuring that your IT infrastructure and computing resources keep the business running, especially after a disaster. Also, since operations were disrupted, the attack revealed that there was not an adequate data backup system that would have allowed the company to restore systems more rapidly a weakness in response.

Outlining your framework So, what does a good business continuity business continuity framework consist of?


Think of these components like the support beams of your physical building mentioned above. Yours may be made of iron.

A Simple Business Continuity Framework Can Save Your Company

Next door, they may be made of wood. But they each do their job to support the overall structure prevention. And frankly, neither is completely immune to fire, earthquakes and other business continuity framework, which is why you still need to have emergency exit plans response.

Prevention dictates your response. And while specific protocols and technologies will naturally differ between companies, most businesses should have a business continuity framework that is supported by these fundamental pillars: It should be a comprehensive written document that outlines all of the components listed below, as they pertain to the specifics of your company.

Your disaster recovery team is tasked with writing your BCP, identifying solutions for known risks and managing the recovery process when disaster strikes.

A Simple Business Continuity Framework Can Save Your Company

Members of this team should be personnel from across your organization who are quick on their feet and can quickly assume a managerial role, if needed. A risk assessment should consider the likelihood of every business continuity framework scenario that would disrupt operations.

Impact analysis Each known risk should have a corresponding business impact. An impact analysis helps you prioritize your risk abatement by determining which disasters will cause the biggest disruption in operations. Consider the impact of downtime costs, loss of revenue, idle workers, recovery expenses, brand image and so on.

Business business continuity framework technologies have come a long way over the last several years. Make sure your systems are up to date. Communication plans A lot happens in the moments following a critical disaster.