This is the "Second Manifesto of Surrealism" published 5 years after the First Manfesto. It appeared in the the twelfth and final issue of La Révolution. First Manifesto of Surrealism - A new freely downloadable translation. On October 15th, Breton published the first Surrealist Manifesto, which will inspire future generations of artists. Disillusioned by the apathy of the Dadaists.


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While Dada was in many ways an anarchic movement, the Surrealists were known for engaging in collective group actions.

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I age, and more than that reality to which I believe myself subject, it is perhaps the dream, the indifference I show towards it, which ages me. I return, once more, to the state of breton surrealism manifesto awake.

Surrealism Manifesto

I am obliged to consider it as breton surrealism manifesto phenomenon due to interference. Not only does the mind display, in breton surrealism manifesto state, a strange tendency towards disorientation a tale of lapses and errors of all sorts the secret of which is beginning to be revealed but what is more it seems that when the mind is functioning normally it does no more than respond to suggestions which come to it from the depths of that night to which I commend it.

However well balanced it is, its equilibrium is a relative one. It scarcely dares to express itself, and, when it does, limits itself to verifying that some idea, some female has made an impression on it.

What impression, it would be quite incapable breton surrealism manifesto saying, showing by that the measure of its subjectivity, no more. This idea, or female, troubles it, inducing it to be less strict.

MoMA Learning

It has the effect of separating it, for a moment, from its solvent, and depositing it over the heavens, as the lovely precipitate that it can become, that it is. When all else fails, breton surrealism manifesto calls upon chance, a divinity more obscure even than the others, to whom it attributes its distraction.

And if things were otherwise, what might it not be capable of? I would like to grant it the key to this passage.

The spirit of the man who dreams is quite content with what happens to him. The agonising question of possibility is no longer posed. And if you die, are you not certain breton surrealism manifesto waking among the dead? Let yourself be led, events will not allow you to defer them.

You have no name.

Manifesto of Surrealism Summary

The easiness of it all is inestimable. What reason, I ask, a reason so much greater than that other, confers the natural quality on dream, makes me welcome unreservedly a host of episodes whose strangeness would confound me as I write?

And yet I can believe my breton surrealism manifesto eyes, and ears; the great day has arrived, the beast has spoken. From the moment it is subjected to methodical investigation, when by means yet to be determined, we succeed in accounting for dream in its entirety and that presupposes a discipline in the use of memory spanning generations; but let us start all the same by registering the salient facts when the curve of its graph will progress with unparalleled regularity and amplitude, we may hope that mysteries which are no such thing will give way to the great Mystery.

I believe in the future resolution of these two states, seemingly so contradictory, of dream and reality, in a kind of absolute reality, a surreality, so to speak.


That is the quest I am about, certain not to find it, but too heedless of death not to weigh a little the joys of breton surrealism manifesto possession. They say that every evening, before he slept, Saint-Pol-Roux the Symbolist poet used to have posted on the door of his manor house at Camaret, a notice which read: There is a great deal more to be said, but in passing I simply wished to touch on a subject which would alone necessitate a long, altogether more rigorous, breton surrealism manifesto I will return to it.

MoMA | Surrealism

At this point, it was my intention to do justice to that hatred of the marvellous which rages in certain individuals, to that ridicule beneath which they would like to bury it. In the realm of literature, the marvellous alone is capable of making breton surrealism manifesto those works which belong to breton surrealism manifesto lesser genre such as the novel, everything in general that involves storytelling.

A breath of the marvellous animates it throughout. Long before the author has delivered his characters from all temporal constraint, one feels them ready to act with unprecedented pride.