Los biodigestores pueden contribuir de manera considerable a mejorar las Already many developing countries, such as Colombia, Ethiopia, the United. Biodigestor | Rotomoldeo en Colombia Tanques Plasticos En Colombia Rotoplast. Biodigestor Autolimpiable En zonas que no cuentan con drenaje, un Biodigestor Autolimpiable funciona de forma segura y es muy económico, ya que ahorra.


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Installation and performance of low-cost polyethylene tube biodigesters on small-scale farms Bui Xuan An1, L. Biodigestores en colombia The authors can be contacted as follows: Il est utilisable aussi bien en milieu rural que dans les zones urbaines. Se puede aplicar en zonas tanto rurales como urbanas.

Sistema Biobolsa sitio global en español

During the course of this century the global demand for power has increased sixteenfold. Today the industrial countries, with 32 percent of biodigestores en colombia world population, consume 82 percent of energy produced. On average, a person in an industrialized country uses 20 times more energy than someone living in Africa.

In many developing countries there is a serious shortage of fuel biodigestores en colombia the energy crisis is a daily reality for most families.

Evaluation of polyethylene and PVC tubular biodigesters in the treatment of swine wastewater

Already many developing countries, such as Colombia, Ethiopia, the United Republic of Tanzania, Viet Nam and Cambodia, have adopted the low-cost biodigester technology with the aim of reducing production costs by using local materials and simplifying installation and operation Solarte, ; Chater, ; Sarwatt, Lekule and Preston, ; Soeurn Than, ; Khan, The model used was a continuous-flow flexible tube biodigester based on the "red mud PVC" Taiwan bag design as described by Pound, Bordas and Preston and later simplified by Preston and co-workers, first in Ethiopia, then in Colombia Botero and Preston, and later in Viet Nam Bui Xuan An et al.

Within three years, more than polyethylene digesters had been installed in Viet Nam, mainly paid for by the farmers Bui Xuan An and Preston, The poor acceptability of many of these digesters has been due mainly to high costs, the difficulty of installation and problems in procuring spare parts.

Floating dome biodigester Indian This biodigester consists of a biodigestores en colombia, originally made of mild steel but later replaced by fibreglass reinforced plastic FRP to overcome the problem of corrosion.

The reactor wall and bottom are usually constructed of brick, although reinforced concrete is sometimes used.

Biodigester | Rotomoldeo en Colombia Tanques Plasticos En Colombia Rotoplast

The gas produced is trapped under a floating cover which rises and falls biodigestores en colombia a central guide. The pressure of the gas available depends on the weight of the gas holder per unit area and usually varies between 4 to 8 cm of water pressure.

The reactor is fed semi-continuously through an inlet pipe, and displaces an equal amount of slurry through an outlet pipe Figure 1. Fixed dome biodigester Chinese This reactor consists of a gas-tight chamber constructed of bricks, stone or poured concrete.

Both the top and bottom are hemispherical and are joined together by straight sides. The inside surface is sealed by many thin layers of mortar to make it gas-tight.

The inlet pipe is straight and ends at mid-level in the digester. There is an inspection plug at the top of the digester to facilitate cleaning, and the gas outlet pipe exits from the inspection cover. The gas produced during digestion is stored under the dome and displaces some of the digester contents into the effluent chamber, leading to gas pressures in the dome of between 1 and 1.

This creates quite biodigestores en colombia structural forces and is the reason for the hemispherical top and bottom. High-quality materials and expensive human resources are needed to build this kind of digester Biodigestores en colombia 1.


More than five million biodigesters have been built in China and are functioning well FAO, but, unfortunately, the technology has not been so popular outside China. Flexible structure biodigester The high investment required to construct biodigesters of fixed structure proved to be a major constraint for low-income small farmers.

This motivated engineers in the Province of Taiwan in the s FAO, biodigestores en colombia make biodigesters from cheaper flexible materials.


Initially biodigestores en colombia and neoprene were used but they proved relatively costly. A major development in the s was to combine PVC with the residue from aluminium refineries to produce the product named "red mud PVC".


This was later replaced by less costly polyethylene which is now the most common material used in Latin America, Asia and Africa Figure 2. Sincethe Centre for Research in Sustainable Systems of Agricultural Production CIPAVa non-governmental organization in Colombia, has been recommending low-cost plastic biodigesters as the appropriate technology for making better use of livestock excreta, thus reducing the pressure on other natural resources.

The choice of supplementary fittings and biodigestores en colombia materials has been limited to those available locally on farms or in rural markets; they are the basic components of sanitary installations which are similar all over the world.

The materials required Photo 1 for biodigestores en colombia the biodigester and the stove are listed below. Biodigester Transparent tubular polyethylene.