Remembering Avishai Cohen - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Avishai Cohen, born in Kabri, Israel on April 20th, , grew up in a multicultural family whose roots were found in Spain, Greece and Poland. At home, music. Most followers will also recognize At Home featuring the composition 'Remembering', an evocative ballad performed with trio and probably the most demanded.


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Chick listened to it in his car and called Avishai back a few weeks later, blown away by its freshness. Performing with Chick Corea played an important part in shaping his musicianship, which led Avishai to consider Chick as a teacher, colleague and friend.

The album was recorded with the International Vamp Band, a group of fellow musicians formed by Avishai, from different parts of the world Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and Israel.

The idea behind the cutting-edge project was to allow different cultures interact and converse using the medium of music, delivering a message of peace and harmony.

The cosmopolitan Continuo followed with great success and displayed the magic of a working band. With Gently DisturbedAvishai achieved a masterstroke, hitting the right balance between a powerful trio avishai cohen remembering, and delicate compositions.

Avishai Cohen Biography

It was the avishai cohen remembering album to introduce vocals in all its compositions as well as songs in Hebrew. Avishai has always been open to various musical influences in his career and he has dedicated his creativity to music that is meaningful to him.


A process that led him to incorporate the Ladino language the language spoken by Sephardic Jews and culture through his international release Aurora This coincided with a special relationship and connection with the French audience.

In Aurora, Avishai surrounded himself with a new musical family; a avishai cohen remembering project that blended jazz, classical music and Sephardic traditions, finding the perfect environment to fully express himself as a singer.

Avishai Cohen Biography ‹ Avishai Cohen

He shared all the languages he felt close to Hebrew, English, Spanish and Ladinoand opening up to singing enabled him to reach a higher level of communication personally as well as attract listeners way beyond the borders of jazz.

This led Avishai to also record Duende there; a duo album that featured the young and talented Israeli pianist Nitai Hershkovits, a musician he discovered in Tel Aviv and rapidly felt in tune with. Duende — a Spanish word referring to the spirit, the groove — was the result of the intimate yet challenging format of the piano and double bass duo.

In this musical jewel, the first duo interlude in a avishai cohen remembering discography, Avishai proved once again he can never cease to surprise us. The energy Avishai put into bringing the bass under the spotlight has pushed the boundaries of jazz and earned him international awards and recognition globally.


He has continuously performed at the most renowned venues and festivals worldwide and it has enabled him to develop a strong avishai cohen remembering of followers and listeners, striking a chord with the audience wherever he has performed. The stage is undoubtedly a place where Avishai feels at home, so much so that attending one of his avishai cohen remembering performances is probably the best way to get acquainted with his musical universe.

At the center of this project was a string quartet with a difference; Avishai replaced one of the violins with a viola in order to benefit from its darker timbre and create more depth.

Furthermore, Avishai produced and presented All Original, released on his own label Razdaz Recordz, a beautiful compilation of music celebrating the growing young Israeli Jazz talents and scene.

Avishai hand-picked the musicians featured on the album who he considers some of the leading young composers of this movement. The Trio, a format that has always been present in his music and guides him avishai cohen remembering his artistic journey, has never been praised so much than in this album; outstanding for the unity and mutual listening between the three partners: One of his most fruitful associations was with Panamanian pianist Danilo Perez, who employed him on his session, Panamonk.


After coming to the avishai cohen remembering of Chick Corea and his longtime business partner, Ron Moss, Cohen was signed to their Stretch label and recorded his avishai cohen remembering album, Adama, in The following year, Corea hired Cohen to play in his newly created acoustic outfit, Origin.

Colors was released in mid, after which Cohen moved back to Israel. Also around this time, he formed his own RazDaz, releasing 's At Home and 's Continuo, both of which found him exploring a more varied stylistic palette, from jazz to funk, rock to ethnic fusion.

The trio effort Gently Disturbed appeared infollowed by Aurora in