Se você ainda é iniciante e quer começar a estudar inglês online com a Engoo, faça o Aprenda a gramática básica do inglês em aulas de 25 minutos. Level. (Parte 1 de 7). Centro de Instrução Almirante Graça Aranha (CIAGA). Departamento de Ensino Básico. Disciplinas: INGLÊS V. Professores: Jander Barbosa. BBC German: Para quem já possui um nível básico de inglês, o site britânico pode ser uma boa opção para aprender uma nova língua.


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Material didático – português para alunos estrangeiros | Estante da Denise

Firefighting is a highly technical skill that requires professionals who have spent years training in both general firefighting techniques and specialized areas of expertise.

Additional life jackets are stowed in lockers adjacent to the lifeboats. Each jacket is fitted with a whistle, retro-reflective apostila de ingles basico and a light powered by a water-activated battery.

You must know how to wear your life jacket correctly; instructions are displayed in the cabin. Place lifejacket over head ensuring that arms pass over side tapes; 2.

Apostila Inglês Kids - Via Educação

Draw tape end downwards ensuring back pad is firmly apostila de ingles basico on to shoulders; 3. Tie tapes securely in the recess on your front; 5. Whistle to aid recovery is in the pocket at the side of the shoulder 6. Loop of tape is to be left free for recovery purposes.

The suit covers the wearer's body with the exception of the face, and should be worn over warm clothing.


Immersion suits used on many ships have an inherent buoyancy and an inflatable supporting collar. The vessel carries apostila de ingles basico immersion suits for everyone on board.

They will be handed to you by the crew if necessary. The suit's use will be demonstrated to all expeditioners prior to embarkation.


Immersion suits must always be used with approved life jackets. To put on an immersion suit: Take the suit out of its bag and fully open.

Put it on as you would a normal pair of overalls, taking care to avoid damaging the suit. Kneel to fasten the apostila de ingles basico zips. Fasten the waterproof zip fully to the neck. Pull the hood apostila de ingles basico your head.

Safety on board - Emergency signals Should an emergency situation arise, alarm signals will be sounded all over the ship. Alarms are sounded by either the vessel's whistle or alarm bell, or both. Two blasts separated by a short pause, then repeated -- only crew attend.

Seven short blasts, followed by one long blast, then repeated -- report fully dressed, with your life jacket, to your allocated muster station.