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Being brought up in the town of Matlock Bath we had a Tower on our hillside, part of the Heights of Abraham where I used to be allowed to play at will as a child as they were allison and busby neighbours, which naturally I thought Rapunzel lived in.

Allison & Busby to publish Rev Peter Laws crime novels

When I got my first pet, a duck, guess what she was called? What did I nearly have tattooed on my allison and busby Rapunzel letting her hair down, from a tower at the top of my shoulder all the way to my wrist. I settled for Once Upon A Time.


If possible it has made me love the story of Rapunzel and the story behind the story even more. First is Charlotte-Rose de la Force, who has been exiled from the court of the Sun King Louis XIV after a fall from grace too far which in those times was saying something and is banished to live in an Abbey with nuns.

Second is Selena Leonelli, once one of the most beautiful women in Italy and even the muse of the Allison and busby artist Titian. Depicted forever in his paintings she has one fear, time, and how it will take her beauty something she will do anything to keep.

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Thirdly we have Margherita, a young girl trapped in a tower forever unless she finds a way to escape. These three things were true; Her name was Margherita.

Her parents had loved her. One day, she would escape. At the worst of times, when the walls allison and busby the tower seemed to press upon her ribcage, Margherita would repeat these three things over and over again, like sorrowful mysteries muttered over a rosary.

She had been locked away in this one small stone room at the age of twelve. Fifty-one full moons had passed since then, shown by the scars on her wrists.

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If she did not escape soon, surely she would die. The question you are probably all wondering, allison and busby was I, is how on earth bar Margherita do all these stories link to the tale of Rapunzel. Good question and one I will half answer because to know all the allison and busby this tale weaves around that one would be to spoil it.

What I can say is that Charlotte-Rose de la Force was a real woman, who really did get expelled from the court of Louis XIV for all in all being a right naughty minx and who wrote fairytales including Persinette, which was the first written account of the tale which became Rapunzel, whilst expelled in the Abbey of Gercy-en-Brie.

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This Kate all found out whilst doing her doctorate in fairytale, I know sign me up for that course right now! I was happily reading about a woman who was a flirt, a gossip, a teller of tales and who once dressed up as a bear to rescue a allison and busby.


Allison and busby more could you want from a heroine. Forsyth also creates a fascinating insight into the time; yes there is the political and religious histories, which I found fascinating, but also the social history too.

I loved reading about how the court worked, how the King allison and busby with his rampant libido sometimes just with a servant up against a wall if he felt the need and mistresses and also how the fear of witchcraft spread the land.

Forsyth brilliantly fills Bitter Greens sort allison and busby historical facts that I find fascinating, who knew that architects had to rebuild doors for dresses and head fashion or that people threw cats at carriages containing fleeing protestants?

The other themes at the heart of Bitter Greens are or course fairytales and storytelling. She also explores the famous tropes of fairytales, what makes a woman a witch or become one, for example.


Through Charlotte-Rose we see both how stories were an important part of the social world of the time historically, think going to a book club only you hear the story told by someone and might get impregnated by the King after, and also how stories and their escapism can help us at our darkest times.

The Marquis de Maulevrier used to lock me in the caves under the Chateau de Cazeneuve. They were as cold as the church, and much allison and busby.

Allison & Busby to publish Rev Peter Laws crime novels

A hermit lived there once, many hundreds of years before, and had died there. I wondered if his skeleton was still there, allison and busby under the stones.

I imagined I heard his footsteps shuffling closer and closer, then I felt his cold breath on the back of my neck, the brush of a spectral finger.