ADR. IMDG. IATA. Use of a specific form for shipping dangerous goods. No UK consignors are used to providing a dangerous goods note for the sea/channel. aid to the completion of the SITPRO Dangerous Goods Note (DGN). It does not documentation requirements of RID and ADR as appropriate. A provision of the. Online Software for Dangerous Goods, Chemicals and Hazardous Waste. ADR Transport Document (Shipping Note). Save time by applying the most favorable.


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Who is responsible for signing these elements of the dangerous goods transport document? On the air dangerous goods documents, the declaration needs to be signed by authorised and competent people.

Instruction and training to perform this role is already firmly established within the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations as the signing of the declaration is a role performed by a fully trained and qualified competent person.

The IMDG Regulations adr dangerous goods note, as of their Code, identified the key components of training and instruction to be addressed and delivered to shore-based personnel through function specific training whose elements are contained within an IATA style training grid table at IMDG adr dangerous goods note.


DG rules require the total quantity they do not specify whether it should be mass KG or volume L but it must be shown for each Proper Shipping Name Total gross weight of goods The total gross weight in kilograms of the goods should adr dangerous goods note entered.

For containerised goods this excludes the weight of the container.

Dangerous Goods Note Completion Guide - Sit Pro

Package dimensions of abnormal loads. However, for the sake of convenience the two declarations adr dangerous goods note included in the same document. I appreciate that, as a DGSA, it is easy for me to say that, but people over complicate matters and in doing so often mess it up.

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Below is a simple guide on how to complete a Dangerous Goods Note, but before I start you should be aware that there are some differences and precedents depending on the mode. By using the SSNyou can complete the same standard document for all consignments, regardless of which port or adr dangerous goods note they are going to.

The benefits of using the SSN When you use the SSN it gives the adr dangerous goods note authority complete, accurate and timely information about your consignment. Using the SSN also means that everyone with an interest in your consignment has adequate information at each movement stage, until its final loading on board a vessel or aircraft.

The Dangerous Goods Note and Container/Vehicle Packing Certificate — who signs it? | Croner-i

So all parties get clear and precise details on how your goods adr dangerous goods note be handled, which can save you time and money. You can also indicate if containers or vehicles are shipped empty without being cleaned.

The software will calculate the amounts of dangerous goods in accordance with Chapter 1.