Each of the following twenty suburi should be practised carefully and with feeling. Commence in basic posture, hidari hanmi, with the jo resting on one end. Saito Senseis 20 Jo SuburiTsuki Series 1. Choku tsuki - Direct (front) thrust 2. Kaeshi tsuki - Return (spiral) thrust 3. Ushiro tsuki - Thru. 20 Jo Suburi by Morihiro Saito Sensei. Aikido Martial ArtsMartial Arts WeaponsBo StaffAikido VideoMarshal ArtsJudoBillboardFirearmsMartial Arts.


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In this video Inagaki Sensei leads the 20 jo suburi in a Seminar.

Check out 7 ways to do the 31 Kumi Jo Read and learn more about Aikido: Swing back with your right hand to perform choku tsuki, sliding your feet forwards.

Move backwards and to the right, 20 jo suburi in hidari hanmi, bringing the jo up to protect your head sliding your right hand up to your left. Turn it over your head to the striking position in preparation for shomen uchi strike right wrist twists, left hand moves to end of Jo.

The strike is performed by swinging the jo in an arc over your head and down onto your opponent as you step forwards with your right foot. Uchikomi Series 6 Shomen uchikomi Front strike, with stepping back Commence in right posture holding the jo in front of you with your left hand at the end of the jo and your right hand a quarter of 20 jo suburi way up.

Technique | Jo Suburi

Step back with your right foot, raising the jo above your head, pointing it towards the ceiling and angled slightly back. As you step forwards with your right foot, bring your hands down and forwards, striking with the jo to your 20 jo suburi centre.

Having performed the strike in right posture, move your weight forwards on to your right foot and bring your hands up to the front of, and just above, your head with the jo pointing to your right. Step forwards with your left foot, turning your hips into left posture.

Bring the jo round to extend behind you and make hidari shomen uchi to complete the suburi.


When the strike is completed, extend your right hand to the end of the jo, sweep it back to your left side and 20 jo suburi back and to your left. Step forwards with your left foot.

The Twenty Jo Suburi: #20

Bring the jo round in a strike to your opponent's knee, keeping your left hand behind the jo 20 jo suburi give power to the strike. As the strike is completed, slide your right hand to the forward end of the jo, turn your hips into left posture and perform a thrust to the rear as in ushiro tsuki. Aikido was born in IwamaO sensei achieved in that village the synthesis of tai jutsu, aiki ken and aiki jo.

Where 20 jo suburi practice Traditional Aikido? Breathing is always important: Always control your position at the beginning and end of every movement to ensure you are always in good hanmi, thereby obtaining the certainty of training correctly.

Clothing - A judogi suit is preferred.